The Zhik International 2014 Topper Class World Championship

The 2014 Zhik International Topper World Championships successfully held in in Pwllheli, Wales from 9 – 15th August, 2014.

This website was created specifically for the Zhik International 2014 Topper Class World Championship to keep Topper enthusiasts posted about all the exciting results.

The World Championships consisted of two ISAF recognized World Championship Series . One for the main 5.3 fleet and the other for the smaller 4.2 fleet. Running concurrently with the ISAF World Championships was the Intercontinental Cup for lady sailors. There was a delay for two days due to severe weather and sea conditions brought on by Hurricane Bertha before competitors could get out to sail. However, no matter the weather conditions, the competitors had hundreds of supporters dressed appropriately to protect them from the rains, wind, and coldness. As with any group that has an abundance of young folks, some sartorial choices were more memorable than others. I saw a number of Batman shirts often paired with a long sleeve Batman t-shirt, crew neck Batman sweat shirt and/ or hoodie, all declaring an affiliation with the Dark Knight. One Batman enthusiast I kept bumping into throughout the competition had just purchased a MoonAtMidnight classic Batman t shirt online. He later pulled on a long sleeved Batman and Robin Sweatshirt featuring the most famous wingman around, which he wore when the weather become colder. Later in the evening, the same person had now pulled a hoodie on that had the words printed on it saying: Always Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be Batman. Then Always Be Batman. Obviously a Topper and a Batman enthusiast who understood the history of Batman and the power that understanding conjures. Makes perfect sense for serious competitors to align themselves with the Dark Knight to gain the psychological edge that confidence brings. A good number of Toppers obviously agree and want Batman to have their backs.





15th August 2014 @09:00 BST- There are 4 races scheduled for today for both 5.3 & 4.2 competitors. The 5.3 competitors have been split into Gold & Silver Fleets.

14th August 2014 @10:15 BST - All boats released from beach. The schedule for today is for 4 Q-series races for 5.3 competitors and also 4 races for 4.2 competitors. A single Masters races is also scheduled, if time, after completion of 5.3 & 4.2 races.

13th August 2014 @16:00 BST;- racing over for the day with 3 races out of 4 scheduled for day completed for 4.2 & 5.3 fleets. The Masters race has been postponed until tomorrow.

13th August 2014 @10:00 BST- 5.3 fleet all launched with last boat leaving at 10:00. 4.2 scheduled to be released at 10:15. Racing schedule for the day is 4 races for 5.3 & 4.2 and after they are completed a single masters race is planned.

12th August 2014 @12 noon BST - AP over A signalled at approx 11:30 BST - No racing again today due to forecast of increasing wind and bad sea state.

11th August 2014 @15:41 BST - AP over A was been signalled a while ago - No racing today due to wind and wave conditions.


Zhik International Topper World Championships 2014




Zhik International Topper World Championships 2014


A Quick Rundown of the 2014 International Topper Class National Championships

By the end of the competition, everyone concluded that Toppers had a fantastic series of championship races at their Crewsaver GBR Nationals with two days of champagne sailing at Club Hwylio Pwllheli Sailing Club, supported by Harken and Topper International.

The challenges of qualification racing due to severe weather brought on by Hurricane Bertha were soon forgotten as the Championship fleets enjoyed more consistent conditions. Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets competed for their specific honors. See results below.

Due to a two day delay, the race committee were successful in delivering a championship series of six races over the final two days. Without the exceptional work from the mark laying team in managing the course along with the marshaling of support boats, beach crews and shore-side volunteer team of 150 it wouldn't have been possible to have pulled off the event as well. So kudos to all.

Visitors were consistently impressed by the high standards of sailing and sportsmanship across the fleet. Points were so tight on the final day of racing for the Gold Fleet, that only one point ended up separating the top three in the final results. It made for a very exciting day. Congratulations to Calum Rosie (GBR), our new Topper World Champion, and to Adam d’Arcy (IRL) and Tom Walker (GBR).

Likewise, the final races for Silver Fleet also involved an intense, exciting race between the leading boats. Elliot Kuzyk (GBR) secured his 1st in the fleet with 2 wins on that final day. Jethro Brophy-Tintinger (RSA) came in second.

Natham Gribbens (GBR) started with a brilliant port end flyer as the 4.2m2 fleet brought excitment to the final day. Nathan fell back to finish 10th while the race was won by overnight leader Daniel Thompson (GBR) who finished the series with 10 wins.

In the Masters Championship there were sailors over the age of 21 from 5 countries taking part. In a fiercely fought race, Ali Ghareeb (IRL) took home the Perpetual Trophy.

Now for a quick rundown of ALL the RESULTS:

5.3 World Championship

  1. Calum Rosie (GBR),
  2. Adam D’Arcy (IRL)
  3. Tom Walker (GBR),

4.2 World Championship

  1. Daniel Thompson (GBR)
  2. Jenna McCarlie (IRL)
  3. Rachael McCluskey (GBR)

Silver Fleet

  1. Elliot Kuzyk
  2. Jethro Brophy-Tintinger (RSA)
  3. George Coles (GBR)

Intercontinental Cup

  1. Bella Fellows (GBR)
  2. Georgie McKenzie (GBR)
  3. Lucy Mearns (GBR)

4.2 Ladies

  1. Jenna McCarlie (IRL)
  2. Rachael McCluskey (GBR)
  3. Milly Jinks (GBR)

Masters Championship

  1. Ali Ghareeb (IRL)
  2. Steve Wilson (GBR)
  3. Aditya Menon (IND)



#races scheduled

#races completed

5.3 Results Gold



5.3 Results Silver



4.2 Results








Overall Results:

Gold Fleet
1. Calum Rosie
2. Arran Holman (Youth)
3. Jack Butters

Silver Fleet
1. Alex Whitfield
2. Ewan Gribbin
3. Alexander Clarke

Bronze Fleet
1. Conor Lamb
2. Andrew O’Driscoll
3. Olivia Jones (F)

Regatta Flee
1. Joseph Cohen
2. Zeb Fellows
3. Eliza South (F)


Regatta Results




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